Chamber Opera

Expressive and compelling works for three to five characters originally scored for voice and piano. Libretti are by living or historic poets and are primarily in the English language. Durations are typically between 10 and 30 minutes. Click on a title for in depth information.

Fernando (3 rôles), libretto by Stephen Phillips (1913)
Interior (3 rôles),  libretto by Maurice Maeterlinck (1908)
Watching (2 rôles), libretto by Lucy Thurber (2013)


Large works for chorus, soli, and organ based on biblical or spiritual themes. Rôles are intended for professional vocal artists however the choral parts can be sung by parish choirs. The organ plays a substantial and distinctive part in these works. Click on a title for in depth information.

John the Baptist (4 soli & chorus), libretto from the gospels of Luke and John