Tomato & Potato


Piano/Vocal Edition


scored for treble voices and piano (11 pages)

Libretto adapted by the composer from a work created in the Active Learning through Opera Program as sponsored by the Santa Fe Opera Company

Synopsis: Tomato and Potato begin the day, again, with bickering. But this is a special day, for the Great Harvest is coming soon. All the vegetables in the garden are excited for the event, even though they don’t completely understand it. The happy day changes when a giant pair of hands, along with a big dog, enters the garden and Tomato and Potato are taken. They find themselves in a kitchen, where curious characters introduce themselves. They learn of their peril and find a slippery way out, but the cost to them is huge.

Performance duration: circa 10″

Performance materials

Piano-vocal score: $25 to print as needed for local use
Rehearsal libretto: $10 to print as needed for local use
Rehearsal recordings (solo voice and piano, not for public performance) $50 upon request
Performance License: $250 for up to 5 performances in a 12 month period

With documentation, public or private schools may apply for a substantial discount on the performance license. Please contact us for additional information.

20% of any proceeds will be returned to the Santa Fe Opera Company in support of their Community Development and Education programs.