Sarah and the Dragon


Piano/Vocal Edition


scored for treble voices and piano (12 pages)

Libretto adapted by the composer from a work created in the Active Learning through Opera Program as sponsored by the Santa Fe Opera Company

Synopsis: Sarah, a single mom who lives in an RV park with her child, is lovely but fearful. Her relationships are fractured, especially with her life partner. One day a dragon roars in on a howling wind an steals her child. Sarah is inadvertently caught up in the magical smoke and flames and is transported to a distant volcanic island. There she encounters curious creatures, and eventually a sorcerer who is the source of her problems. Sarah must choose to run away and become lost, or stand up for what’s is rightfully hers.

Performance duration: circa 10″

Performance materials

Piano-vocal score: $25 to print as needed for local use
Rehearsal libretto: $10 to print as needed for local use
Rehearsal recordings (solo voice and piano, not for public performance) $50 upon request
Performance License: $250 for up to 5 performances in a 12 month period

With documentation, public or private schools may apply for a substantial discount on the performance license. Please contact us for additional information.

20% of any proceeds will be returned to the Santa Fe Opera Company in support of their Community Development and Education programs.